Q. Why is it so hard to find a "pet quality" Papillon puppy?

Most reputable breeders will breed for "show quality" puppies.  If a puppy does not have all the traits for a show quality puppy, it is deemed "pet" quality.  For instance: proper coloring, size, temperament, etc.  A pet quality puppy is usually sold with a contract & understanding that it will not be bred & will be spayed/neutered. 

Q.  Can I breed a show quality puppy?

A show quality puppy is usually sold with a contract that it must be shown to Championship before it is bred.  If it cannot attain Championship, it should be spayed/neutered.

Q.  What medical problems are associated with Papillons?

Papillons are generally a healthy breed, but there can be genetic problems that affect some individuals.  One is Patellar luxation.  Puppies can show clinical signs of abnormal hind leg carriage & function from the time they start walking.  Signs vary dramatically with the degree of luxation.  Another inheritable defect is PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy).  A proper eye exam must be done to ascertain the true diagnosis.  A dog with either of these defects should not be bred. 

NAD (Neuoaxonal Dystrophy.  Luckily there is now a test for NAD.   It is a recessive gene, but there is no treatment for it.  Neuroaxonal dystrophy in dogs is a usually caused by genetics.  Inheritance is believed to be autosomal recessive, which means two copies of the mutated gene must be present for the disease to be passed onto the litter.  Both the sire and the dam must be carriers of the mutated gene. Dogs that have only one parent with the mutated gene will not have the disease but will be carriers of the defective gene. Dogs diagnosed with neuroaxonal dystrophy should not be bred.

Q.  I saw a Papillon who's ears did not stand up.

There is a breed called "PHALÈNES".  The Phalène (drop ear or "moth") was the original variety of the breed with the Papillon being a considerably later development.  The erect ear Papillon is also known as the "Butterfly" dog.

Q. How much do you expect the specific females do weigh and how tall do you expect that they will be?

The puppy can grow as tall as either parent or if it is a "runt of the litter", it may be small.  It's really impossible to tell.

Q. Have you been breeding for a certain trait?

We breed for a good blaze, large ears, excellent conformation, & single coat fiber.  Much attention is given to brains & personality.

Q. Is the litter already pre-registered and will you have the paperwork available so that I can register her?

All our dogs & bitches are AKC registered & all puppies come with AKC papers.

Q. Are their ears already standing?

The ears are not standing up when they are born.  They usually start to come up between 7-10 wks.

Q. Is her health guaranteed?

We recommend that they be taken to your vet within 2 weeks of purchase.  They need to become familiar with your vet on a non-emergency basis.  Show/breeding quality puppies are guaranteed through age 3 to be reproductively sound.  We recommend that females not be bred until 2 year old & no more than once a year.

See also the article on "Elbows Out".

If you have any questions, please email Charley.

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