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  Name:  "Bobby", Kalisse Bandit From Woolley

  DOB:  June 21, 1912

  Weight:  12.6 lbs

  Height:  10 1/2"

  Vet:  Neutered, teeth cleaned, & blood panel 11/13/19

  Comments:  Bobby has been tested for Eyes, Patellas, Cardiac, NAD & is OFA certified.
     Bobby is chunky & lots of fur.  He was sheared in the spring of 2019.
     Very outgoing & friendly.

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  Name:  Chateau Charlemage's Sir Lancelot

   DOB:  Dec. 15, 2019

   Weight:  8 lbs

   Height:  12"

   Comments:  Lance's parents have been tested for Eyes, Patellas, Cardic, NAD & are OFA certified.
                            Lance has magnificent ears & I love his structure.  He does have a little crook in his tail
                            from birth.  He will have quite a bit of fur.

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